Selica United Methodist Church

In 1920, Mrs. Jim Mull, Mr. Beecher Mull, Mrs. Irie Mull, Mrs. George Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Sharpe, along with their children, came together to organize Selica Methodist Episcopal Church South. The one-half acre lot, just off of Island Ford Road, was valued at $50. Mr. Bill McGaha sold the property to the church for $25 and donated the remainder. Around the same time, the Greenwood Methodist Church, located in the Calvert Section of the county, was dissolved. The building was torn down and the lumber hauled by horse and wagons to the new church site for construction. Some of the materials and the pews for the church were obtained from the abandoned Connestee Methodist Church. The first pastor of Selica Methodist was Rev. W.A. Thomas.

In the late Sixties, the decision was made to build a new church. The church determined the location was inadequate for a new building, and plans were made to find a new site for the church. Under the guidance of Rev. Leo Coppedge, three acres of property was purchased. The church began a building campaign and planning program. During that time, plans for a new highway near the property were also underway. The current Highway 64 claimed about one half of the church’s land. With one and one-half acres remaining, in consultation with the District Building Committee,plans for construction went forward. A building committee was formed, and the chairman selected in an unusual manner. Following a period of prayer, James Holden,an interested observer and not a member of the church at the time, was selected by paper ballot. He joined the church one month later.

Since that time, Selica United Methodist Church has built a community committed to loving, following and serving Jesus Christ. The congregation has a vital witness through its involvement in mission and outreach here in the county, across the country and into the world. The church has built Habitat Homes; sent members to provide flood relief; and participated on building teams in Central America. Today, the Selica UnitedMethodist provides a monthly Community Table, a meal, fellowship and program, to serve its neighbors in the area.

Selica United Methodist Church remains dedicated to zealously growing as disciples of Jesus Christ and seeking to draw others through a ministry of love and reconciliation.

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