Faith Memorial Chapel

 History of Faith Memorial Chapel

     Faith Memorial Chapel was started by Bishop Ellison Capers over 100 years ago.  In 1936 the Rev'd Alexander R. Mitchell started a renewal which resulted in the revival of the Chapel for the summer community.  He was then rector of St. James Episcopal Church, and many members of this parish have had a continuing role in the Chapel.

     The first services in 1936 & 1937 were held on the porch of the home of Mrs. Louis H. Cary, then in the home of Theodore Stone.  The current Chapel was constructed on land given in memory of Eugene Earle and Floride Lydia Croft Stone by their children.  At that time, the Chapel was dedicated to the memory of Bishop Capers.  The Chapel has developed an interdenominational tradition.

     Faith Memorial Chapel, an open-sided Chapel, sits amongst a beautifully landscaped area off Stone's Lake Road in Cedar Mountain,  and is open from Memorial day through Labor Day each year.  Their web site is:

History from Ann Stone Cleveland
Submitted by Christine Pace

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