Boylston Baptist Church



On July 20, 1861 a meeting was held in the Boylston Creek school-house with Reverend G.W. Mace serving as Moderator, W.B. Henry and J.W. Blythe as Clerk, and Boylston Baptist Church was organized with approved letters for: John Ledbetter and wife, Martha; Joh Shipman and wife, Rachel; James Holliday and wife, Lavina; Nancy J. Holiday and Elizabeth E. Fowler, these becoming the charter members.

Reverend G.W. Mace was elected as the first supply pastor. On December 8, 1861 W.B. Henry and John Ledbetter were ordained as deacons.

Records are incomplete until January 1869 when Reverend A.W. Beck was serving as pastor and the church was a member of the Salem Association.

By August 1881 a church building had been completed with an expenditure of $110.92.

In September 1882 the church voted to withdraw from the Salem Association and help form an association in Henderson County which was called the Carolina Association when organized. In September 1892 the church voted to move from the Carolina Association to the Transylvania Association.

During the first six months of 1914 the church building was rebuilt under the leadership of Pastor J.R. Liner, at a cost of $1,000.00.

On Sunday, February 4, 1951 this building burned. Under the leadership of Pastor J.A. Cox a new building was completed at a cost of approximately $10,000.00 with about 90% of the labor being free. On Sunday July 12, 1953 a Dedication Service was held for the new building.

In 1953 or early 1954 the church purchased a pastor's home in the upper end of our church community. In the next few years the pastor's home had several improvements, including additions of a garage and a new room.

In 1957 to about 1960 the church purchased more land joining the church property. On this land a fellowship hall with several Sunday School rooms was built. New heating plants were installed in both church and fellowship hall.

In 1964-65 three acres of land on the east side of Highway 280 near the church was purchased for the purpose of building a new pastor's home which will be more centrally located in the church community. This building is completed and paid for at a cost of $24,000.00.

The present pastor is the Reverend J.D. Brogdon; the Sunday School Director - James Shipman; Church Clerk - J,C. Gevedon; Treasurer - Mrs. Mary Brooks; Church Training Director - Randall Gevedon; and WMU Director - Mrs. Annie Lou Gevedon. The deacons are Woodrow Wilson, Dewey Reese, Dallas Ball, J.C. Gevedon, John Reid, Ray Snyder (chairman), John Baldwin and James Shipman.

The Pastors that served the church are listed in alphabetical order:


  1. Allison, A.O.
  2. Allison, E.
  3. Anderson, E.M.
  4. Beck, A.W.
  5. Blackwell, Wm.
  6. Blythe, C.E.
  7. Briggs, J.W.
  8. Brogdon, J.D.
  9. Brookshire, J.L.
  10. Chapman, N.H.
  11. Collins, Clyde
  12. Corn, J.W.
  13. Cox, J.A.
  14. Duckworth, J.H.
  15. Emory, A.E.
  16. Hall, S.W.
  17. Hamby, G.A.
  18. Holbert, Dan
  1. Holtzclaw, T.C.
  2. Holtzclaw, W.P.
  3. Linor, J.R.
  4. Mace, G.W.
  5. Mahaffey, R.R.
  6. Manly, A.J.
  7. McGuire, J.W.
  8. Medford, Joe
  9. Morgan, E.J.
  10. Morrow, Paul
  11. Orr, N.A.
  12. Owen, S.C.
  13. Plemmons, James
  14. Tipton, S.D.
  15. Vaughn, L.B.
  16. Wells, W.W.
  17. Wharton, George
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