Calvary Baptist Church

History of Calvary Baptist Church
133 Osborne Road
Brevard, NC 28712

December 6, 1949 prayer meeting was held with 21 residents from North Brevard present.  Following the prayer meeting Rev. J. Howard Hall was elected leader of North Brevard Baptist Sunday School.

December 11, 1949 following met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Simpson for the organization. Rev. Hall , Mr. & Mrs. Al Skinner, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Perkins, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Galloway, Ella Mae Hall, Bobby Jo Merritt, Alcovia McCall, Joan Perkins, Charles Perkins  and Mrs. J. A. Simpson.

March 26, 1950 motion made by Al Skinner 2nd by Homer Caren that the North Brevard Sunday School invite the sponsorship of one or more Brevard Church’s of like faith and order, sponsorship of not to involve financial obligation. Virginia Skinner made a motion that Harry Galloway and Al Skinner contact other Church’s to sponsor the Sunday School.

September 10, 1950 a preaching Service held on lot at intersection of Highland & Rhododendron Drive.

October 8, 1950 a plan for the Church Building NUMBER 2333-T drawn by Department of Church Architecture Baptist Sunday School Board was adopted. Several locations discussed.

November 12, 1950 meeting held at home of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Perkins. After discussion it was decided to obtain a lot on Osborne Road from Pisgah Heights Corp. Mr. Frank Carr of PHC offered to sell two acres for $2,500.00. Motion made and passed to purchase the property.

Second Baptist Church requested to appoint Trustees to hold the title to property until a Baptist church was organized. No obligation of them to pay for property.  Al Skinner announced payments to be $300.00 to $400.00 monthly. Various members pledged to contribute to help pay this amount.

January 28, 1951 Walter Perkins made motion that Rev. Theo Rose serve as Moderator unanimous vote.

On or about February 11, 1951 Al Skinner made motion Church be known as Calvary Baptist Church. Mr. Cecil Hill served as Attorney, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Perkins offered a foundation on their property on which a temporary structure could be erected for use by Calvary Baptist Church.

March 16, 1951 Rev. Jesse Meece authorized to receive members. Pulpit Committee formed to nominate a Pastor. Rev. Meece was elected for one year. Preaching Services were 2nd and 4th Sundays.

August 5, 1951 Calvary Baptist Church joined Transylvania Baptist Association.

June 8, 1952 Floyd Taylor & Howard Volrath ordained as first Deacons.

March 13, 1953 Rev. Theo Rose called as Pastor.

December 13, 1953 Dedication Service brought by Rev. S. F. McCauley. Cornerstone laid by Al Skinner, Floyd Taylor & Frank Osborne.

July 10, 1955 Rev. Clyde Fetner called as Pastor for indefinite time rather than yearly elections.


March 1972 Rev. Clay Frazier called as Pastor.

October 6, 1974 Rev. Frazier resigned.

January 11, 1976 Rev. John Bowles began his ministry as Pastor.

January 25, 1976 Rev. Ralph Banning elected as Pastor Emeritus.

April 14, 1976 Voted to tape Sunday AM Worship Service to be delivered to shut ins.

June 5, 1977 Vince Hoskyns licensed to the Gospel Ministry.

May 14, 1978 Rev. John  Bowles  resigned.

January 7, 1979 Rev. Al Cauley called as Pastor. Began Pastorate 1st week of March.


August 13, 1980 Youth attended Youth Choir festival at Rocky Mount, N. C.  Calvary became active supporting Sharing House located at Webb House in Brevard.

June 10, 1981 a sign for Calvary was erected at Osborne Road and Old Highway 64.

January 31, 1982 Zeb Osborne Ordained to Gospel Ministry.

November 1982 Mission Action Group made two quilts for Broyhill Children’s Home. WMU Ladies collected items for North Carolina Correction Center.

September 10, 1986 total Church Debt paid off. Note Burning after Sunday Morning worship services.

January 14, 1987 Youth led a Revival at Mars Hill College

February 10, 1988 new windows were installed in church.

May 10, 1988 David Tucker voted to serve as Associate Pastor to begin January 1, 1988.

September 9, 1989 a new Cross mounted on front of Church.


April 15, 1994 Woods Property which adjoined Calvary’s was purchased.

October 12, 1994 Rev. Al Cauley resigned due to health problems. Rev. David Tucker elected to serve as interim Pastor.

August 12, 1995 Rev. David Tucker became Pastor.

March 1997 Youth sponsored Dana Russell Concert at Brevard High School.

March 9, 1998 voted to allow Red Cross to use out facilities in case of disaster.

February 10, 1999 Rev. David Tucker resigned as Pastor.

October 13, 1999 Brooks and Brenda Harrell accepted by International Mission Board to serve as missionaries to Thailand. Commission Service December 19, 1999 led by Al Cauley.


January 12, 2000 Church Council recommended Alan Perry to Fruitland Bible Institute.

March 8, 2000 Installed elevator lift between basement and first floor.

April 29, 2001 Rev. Stephen Moore called as Pastor.

June 13, 2001Voted Rev. Glen Hicks, Pastor Emeritus and wife Mickey as a member of Calvary.

September 8, 2002 Calvary Celebrated their 50th Anniversary. Former members participated in service.

April 2, 2004 Begun holding 3rd Sunday afternoon Services at Kingsbridge Assisted Living  Facility

September 20, 2006 completed Incorporation of Church.

August 17, 2009 Montessori School opened at Church

September, 2009 licensed Matthew Moore to Ministry.

At present Calvary involved in a Church Health Study lead by Dr. Charles Campbell. Many members have participated in North Carolina Baptist Men Disaster Relief Mission trips. Linda and Robert Snowdon and Stephen and Robert Snowdon have ministered in other countries.

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