Touring Transylvania’s Economy

In these box activities, students will use primary sources from the collections of the Transylvania Heritage Museum and the Transylvania County Library’s Local History Room to investigate the ways in which Transylvanians have made a living both past and present.  Students will develop their skills in analyzing primary sources as well as their understanding of basic economic principles as they apply to Transylvania County.  Students will focus on what influences were dominant in effecting change in the economy over time.

These activities can be used to introduce the concept of economic principles by asking students to first look at ways people make a living in their own county and then generalize these understandings to see how they apply to other regions of North Carolina. The Economy Teaching Trunk was created for 4th grade but could be used for grades 3-5.

Learning Outcomes 
• Students will be able to identify the natural resources of Transylvania County.
• Students will be able to explain the three main components of Transylvania County’s economy: agriculture, industry, and tourism.
• Students will be able to explain how changes in a region’s economy affect the people in that region.

Lesson Plan

Resource Guide