Civil Rights: A National and Local Movement

BakThrough the materials and activities in this trunk, students will further develop their understanding of the major themes of the American Civil Rights Movement as well as lesser-known contributing elements, including the Great Migration, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Black Separatist movement. Students first explore national historic items representative of the Movement’s themes. They are then presented with local and regional items and asked to consider those items in context of the national themes.

Activities and materials in the trunk are intended to be a supplement to regular classroom lessons and activities on this topic. This trunk is appropriate for middle to high school students and can be used as a jumping off point for further inquiry into the themes presented.

Students will:

  •  Develop a deeper understanding of the people and events that contributed to the Civil Rights Movement, with an emphasis on differing approaches to social change during the Movement.
  •  Discuss the significance of these people and events and how they connect to each other as part of the Civil Rights Movement and United States history.
  •  Describe the migration of African Americans in the United States and its effect on the Civil Rights Movement.
  •  Examine the major themes/events of the Civil Rights Movement through a local/regional lens.


Grade 11

United States History

Goal 11: Recovery, Prosperity, and Turmoil (1945-1980) – The learner will trace economic, political, and social developments and assess their significance for the lives of Americans during this time period.

Objective 11.02: Trace major events of the Civil Rights Movement and evaluate its impact.
Advanced Placement United States History

Goal 14: The Beginnings of the Cold War and the 1950s (1945-1960) The learner will assess the causes and effects of United States/Soviet tensions, the Civil Rights Movement and economic prosperity.

Objective14.04: Identify the major events of the Civil Rights Movement and evaluate the role of landmark Supreme Court cases.

Objective 14.05: Assess the impact of the leaders of the Civil Rights movement.

Civil Rights Activity Guide