The Transylvania Times Article - "County Begins 150th Celebration"

County Begins 150th Celebration

With the strike of a gavel Tuesday night, the year-long events planned to celebrate Transylvania County’s sesquicentennial (150th birthday) officially got underway.

The opening ceremony to the year’s events was held before a packed audience at the county courthouse.

In his invocation, Rev. Marcus Dodson, Transylvania Regional Hospital’s chaplain, struck upon a theme that would be mentioned several times during the evening — the county’s people, past, present and future.

“We recall honor and celebrate the Native Americans who first revered this land, early pioneer families who made their homes along creek sides and lived under the umbrella of the chestnut trees, farmers who cultivated the sylvan valley and its steep slopes, entrepreneurs who brought manufacturing goods and commerce…artisans in a variety of mediums who have enriched our lives, developers who brought visions and built communities, retirees who brought their knowledge and time and who have given as volunteers, and educators who dedicated their lives to the task of learning from one-room school rooms to modern classrooms, public servants and veterans who have provided leadership and sacrifice in service to our county and country,” Dodson said.

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