Museum installs Exhibit in County Offices

On April 25th, the Exhibit Committee from the Transylvania Heritage Museum installed an exhibit in the County building on Morgan Street. 'Living Off The Land” was one of the two exhibits produced by the Transylvania Heritage Museum through a grant from the Transylvania Sesquicentennial Committee in 2011. The Exhibit is now on display in the hallway outside the Register of Deeds and the Tax Collectors Offices.


The idea for the installation came at the very beginning of 2011, when D'ree McCall, who works in the Register of Deeds, viewed the exhibit in its debut at the Transylvania County Courthouse in 2011. When the offices moved from the courthouse to Morgan Street, there was adequate space to display the exhibit which traces the economic history of Transylvania County.


“We are extremely pleased to have the exhibit displayed here.” said McCall. “We have lots of people through here each week, and this gives them something interesting to view. It seems like a perfect fit."


Exhibit Committee members Yvonne Dickson, Sarah Lutz and Marcie Thompson were on hand for the installation. Since all have other employment, the installation occurred during the lunch hour.  Things went smoothly and at the end, all ten panels, plus two large format photographs of early Brevard, where installed on the walls.


The Transylvania Heritage Museum is located at 189 West Main Street in Brevard. Its mission is to connect community, history and life through exhibit, collections and programs. The Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 10 am until 5 pm.


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