Brevard Philharmonic Presents "Tribute to Transylvania"

September 25, 2011 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Brevard College Porter Center for the Performing Arts

Brevard Philharmonic joins the Transylvania County Sequicentenial celebration by presenting "Tribute to Transylvania " at the first concert of the orchestra's 35th season, September 25,  3pm at the Brevard College Porter Center for the Performing Arts.  Free pre-concert activities will feature "The Hogtown Squealers", a well known local group who plays traditional mountain music.  Food booths and displays of the county's music history as well as other pieces of local color will be a part of the pre-concert offering in the lobby of The Porter Center beginning at 1pm.  The concert will focus on the history of Transylvania County, a story told through narration and music of the various time periods from 1861 to the present.  The Saint-Saens "Organ" Symphony will also be performed, calling attention to the magnificent organ, which is unique to Brevard and its musical tradition.  For more information and tickets call 828-884-422 or visit

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